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Completed the Crypto Master Class or already familiar with crypto? Interested in in depth market analysis, research and more?

No problem, we've got you covered for $25/month

Market Updates 

We do daily market updates on our portfolio and member requested tokens in order to judge support, resistance  , best entry and exit points for each asset. We Successfully in march predicted the brice of bitcoin to hit values in June (Sub $20,000)


On-Chain Analysis

We regularly analyse on chain data ( what are investors doing on the Blockchain) and publish reports to better understand long term and short term trends and identify market bottoms and peaks which we have successfully done



We publish research reports on different protocols out there in the crypto world and how to interact with them, from passive earning projects to guides on NFT's and loans that repay them selves, we do it all


Futures Trades

Recently we have started introducing possible futures trades to our investors such as buy in price, take profit, stop loss condition and risk assessment of each trade.

Let's Work Together

Please send us an email to: and let's begin your journey in to the world of crypto

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